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Connect your potential

The Hub is our vision of a new generation data center with up to 30’000sqm space. Located in Switzerland in the heart of Europe. This is your unique opportunity to work in partnership and get involved from the very start of the development process.



Location Location Location

Switzerland’s liberal economic system, competitive tax regime, highly educated workforce and political stability make it the ideal location for organisations looking to establish operations. Although outside the European Union, Switzerland has strong trading links with Europe. This combination of factors makes Switzerland a perfect European base for international organisations.

Switzerland has its own data protection law that supports independence and allows international companies to operate with a European base without having to comply with European Union requirements (for example the General Data Protection Regulation).

Switzerland is particularly well positioned to address new challenges many companies face when it comes to predictability. The country has repeatedly proven strong and resilient amidst global crises. Here, companies not only profit from a stable and low risk environment but also from a brand that has been consistently linked to high quality, technological superiority and trust: “made in Switzerland”.


The Hub

Next generation data centers need to be versatile and adapt quickly to changing needs. That’s why we want work together with you to design The Hub and to proactively embrace the data center environment.

All critical connections and a very strong infrastructure (e.g. electricity or fibre glass) are available. Initially up to 12MW and expandable.

The Hub can be configurated to suit all future user requirements.

Space for ideas, products, and processes

There is no limit to how The Hub can be used. Whether you need large space with strong cooling systems, an extremely safe building or/and office space in the form of a multistorey atrium.

Room height and layout can be arranged to suit tenants/buyers requirements. We have plenty of space, with up to 6'500sqm available on each floor. The Hub can be built up to 25m high and 3 stories underground including several hundred parking spaces.

Be part of the creation of the data center of the future

The Hub stands for the concept of co-ownership, intended for tenants as well as future owners.

OUr ambition

The Hub will be the best building we have ever built. An ambitious goal.

Higher and wider

The way to co-ownership

Even before the building work starts, The Hub is looking to establish partnerships with key tenants or potential owners. We want to talk to you!