Manufacturing & Industry 4.0

It's your turn


The Hub is our vision of an innovative 30,000sqm commercial and industrial space in the heart of Europe. To deliver this vision it is crucial to involve future users right from the start of the development process.​



Location Location Location

Switzerland has developed a highly industrialized precision manufactory cluster over the recent years and now holds a leading position in the field of advanced production processes (Industry 4.0).

Switzerland offers international companies ideal conditions to optimize their manufacturing processes and to set up high-performance production facilities. The availability of skilled technical staff due to the Swiss vocational system and a liberal labour law increase efficiency and productivity further. Switzerland is an excellent starting point to manage efficient supply chains for the European market or to set up highly automated production facilities.

Switzerland is particularly well positioned to address the challenges companies face when it comes to predictability. The country has repeatedly proven strong and resilient amidst global crises. Here, companies not only profit from a stable and low risk environment but also from a brand that has been consistently linked to high quality, technological superiority and trust: “made in Switzerland”.

The Hub is located in the center of Switzerland with direct connections to all major transport axes within a couple of minutes.


Space for ideas, products and processes

There is no limit to how The Hub can be used. Whether you need refrigerated rooms for storage, special conditions for high-tech production, clean rooms for R&D or office space in the form of a multistorey atrium.

Room height and layout can be arranged to suit tenants/buyers requirements. We have plenty of space, with up to 6'500sqm available on each floor. The Hub can be built up to 25m high and 3 stories underground including several hundred parking spaces.

Be part of the creation of the Hub

The Hub stands for the concept of co-ownership, intended for tenants as well as future owners.

OUr ambition

The Hub will be the best building we have ever built. An ambitious goal.

Higher and wider

The working environment of the future

is being completely reimagined. Disruption is transforming entire industries and value chains.


Future industrial buildings will be versatile


Commercial and industrial spaces must be able to adapt quickly to changing needs, be centrally located and energy efficient. The Hub is aimed at discerning companies operating in speciality industries, manu­facturing, robotics, production, research, or services. In other words, companies that need more than just space.

That’s why we’re partnering with future users to design “The Hub”


We want to partner with companies who are proactively embracing the working environment of the future. We want nothing less than to move into the next generation of commercial, industrial, and office space. We want to build an ecosystem of partners.

The way to co-ownership

Even before the building work starts, The Hub is looking to establish partnerships with key tenants or potential owners. We want to talk to you!